Clinics Embrace the New Formulation of cosmelan: A Step Forward in Depigmentation Treatment

Toronto, ON – May 30, 2024 – Leading skincare clinics across Canada are making the pivotal transition from the previous edition of the cosmelan to the newly formulated cosmelan line, a move that underscores the evolution of depigmentation treatments. This shift comes in response to the enhanced efficacy and advanced formulation of the new cosmelan products, designed to deliver superior results for clients seeking to address hyperpigmentation issues.

NUVIOR Canada, the official distributor of cosmelan in Canada, has reports that 36% of Canadian clinics are still using the old formula to their clients. This data highlights the need for a concerted effort to fully transition to the new cosmelan line, ensuring that all clients benefit from the latest advancements in depigmentation treatment.

Limited Stocks for the previous edition of cosmelan Home Care Products

Clinics are urged to act swiftly, as the remaining stock of the previous edition is extremely limited. Currently, only 16 home packs and 17 units of cosmelan 2 previous editions are available in Canada. This limited availability underscores the urgency for clinics to adopt the new formulation to avoid any disruptions in treatment and to continue providing the highest standard of care.

Positive Feedback for the New Formulation

The new cosmelan formulation has been met with positive feedback from both clinicians and clients alike. Its improved efficacy in reducing pigmentation and promoting even skin tone has set a new benchmark in the industry. Clinics that have already made the switch report enhanced patient satisfaction and better overall outcomes.

As the landscape of depigmentation treatment continues to evolve, it is imperative for clinics to stay at the forefront of innovation. By transitioning to the new cosmelan line, clinics can ensure they are offering their clients the most effective and up-to-date treatments available.

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