Nuvior Canada Becomes Official Distributor of Geske Beauty Devices

TORONTO, May 2024 – Nuvior Canada is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Geske German Beauty Tech, marking our launch as a distributor of Geske devices in Canada. This collaboration will bring Geske’s cutting-edge beauty technology and AI-powered skincare solutions to Canadian clinics at exclusive clinic pricing.

Geske German Beauty Tech, a global leader in merging German engineering, proven skincare expertise, and AI technology, is renowned for its innovative SmartAppGuided™ skincare range. Featuring 250 clinically tested and advanced skincare devices, Geske harnesses AI to help users create personalized skincare routines tailored to their specific skin needs.

Geske’s product lineup includes over 150 specialized technologies designed to address various skincare concerns, such as impurities, fine lines, texture, and dark circles. The devices feature advanced technologies like full-spectrum LED lights, SmartSonic Pulsations, and Pore-Opening Deep Warming. All devices come with a 15-year guarantee in addition to the standard local product warranty.

The Geske app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, integrates cutting-edge AI technology, including an advanced Skin Scan function that analyzes each user’s unique skin needs. This real-time analysis provides expert advice and recommends personalized skincare routines, making professional-grade skincare accessible to all users.

Canadian clinics and beauty professionals can now access Geske’s innovative devices at exclusive clinic pricing through Nuvior Canada. This partnership aligns with Nuvior’s commitment to bringing the latest and most effective beauty technologies to our clients, ensuring they stay ahead in the rapidly evolving skincare industry.

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About Nuvior Canada

Nuvior Canada is a leading distributor of cutting-edge medical and beauty technologies. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exclusive products that help our clients grow and sustain their businesses. Through our global approach, we bring the latest advancements and methods to the North American market, ensuring our clients have access to the best tools and technologies available.

About Geske German Beauty Tech

Geske German Beauty Tech is an award-winning, innovative beauty brand that combines German engineering, skincare expertise, and AI technology to offer a holistic range of SmartAppGuided™ skincare solutions. With over 250 products available in 131 countries, Geske is redefining the skincare industry through personalized, tech-driven devices that provide professional-grade results at home.

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